DongguanTangxia DriPac Plastic Bags Factory
Sales Manager: Kevin Shen
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Mob :+86-15818380596
Tel :+86-769-88004623
Fax :+86-769-87909260
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Dongguan Tangxia Dripac Plastic Bags Factory is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of PVC bags,TPU bags and simple sewing products. We pride ourselves on being able to offer one step services for your items. Below is an outline of just a few of our service and core value.

Main products: waterproof phone bag, swimming waterproof case, waterproof bag, dry bag, waterproof backpack       

Our advantage:
We are the end of source. This means we can offer you an advantage than other company who are simply buying their items from somebody else and selling them on to you.
     Because we are manufacturer, the price of our products will drop dramatically.
     Because we are manufacturer, the quality will be controlled and guaranteed.
     Because we are manufacturer, we can solve your urgent items you need.
     Because we are manufacturer, we can short the delivery time and freight cost.
     Because we are manufacturer, we can provide exactly what you want.
Our core value:
     TRUST - We do not mislead. We are true to our words. We keep commitments to our clients and each other.
     TRANSPARENCY - What you see is what you get. No lies. No broken promises.
     RESPECT - We treat all people with dignity. We maintain fairness in all our relationships.

     INTEGRITY - Both as individuals and as a team, we hold true to our ethical and moral values. We are always                                      striving to improve ourselves and our business.
     ACCOUNTABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY - We are accepting of the consequences of our actions. We admit to our                             mistakes and seek to correct them immediately.

     COMMITMENT - We are committed to providing the highest quality products at a competitive price. We are committed to providing the very best customer service to all our clients.